Embroidery Digitizing
1 to 4,000 Stitches
4,001 to 12,500 Stitches
12,501 to 16,000 Stitches
16,001 to 25,000 Stitches
25,001 to 40,000 Stitches
40,001 to 80,000 Stitches
80,001 and greater Stitches
Rework Charge
Vector Art Solutions
Total Charge (Standard Service Rate) 3 Day Service
Total Charge (Standard Service Rate) 2 Day Service
Total Charge (Standard Service Rate) 1 Day Service

How to Order

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost anything to register?
Nope. It's free!
What is the pricing for Embroidery Digitizing?
Please see the above listings for all prices
What is the pricing for Vector Art Solutions?
Please see the above listings for all prices
How do I upload my artwork?
The order/quote forms both have a place where you can upload your art files. Just click on the browse button and find the image from your hard drive or floppy drive. Then double click and it will attach.
Which type of art format is acceptable?
You can send a .jpg, .gif, .tif, .gif, .cdr, eps, ai, .fh, .wmf, .emf, or .pdf files on our website.
How do I know when my design is ready?
You will receive an e-mail notification on the due date to inform you that your design is available for download on You will then go to the site and log onto your account to download your stitch file.
How do I get a quote?
Log onto with your user name and password and submit your quotes by selecting "New Quote" from the menu at left and attaching your artwork. All quotes are usually answered by an e-mail response within two hours from the time submitted.
How do I get my finished embroidery or vector art design?
Log in to with your user name and password. Click on the corresponding order's punch files and download the stitch files from the web site.
What is a design profile and how does it work?
A "Design Profile" is yours or your customer's order preferences. For example, if you need to receive your designs in a certain format, this is where you would let us know. You may have several "Design Profiles" set up in your account.
How do I know if my artwork is ok?
Sometimes an "Order Alert" is created to exchange communication regarding a specific order between the customer and the company which will help in the correct interpretation of the ordered design. If you do not have any "Order Alerts", your artwork is probably ok.
How does the archiving work?
We archive orders online for 6 months. This means that your order will be available for download for 6 months from the date the order was submitted.
Do you have someone I can talk to if I need help?
Yes, we offer phone support: 1-888-778-4803 - Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. You can also email us on our contact page.
What formats do you offer?
Embroidery format outputs: DOS .CND, .EXP, .DST, .XXX, .SEW, .PES, PCS, .HUS, .CSD, .DSB, .DSZ, PCM, JEF, Pulse (PSF, POF, PXF) and more. Vector Art format outputs: cdr, .eps, ai, .fh, .wmf, .emf, .jpg, bmp, .tif, .gif and .pdf and more..
How do I pay for my design?
We accept all major credit cards or you can fill out a credit application online and apply for terms of net 30.
Is my payment information secure?
Yes, the web site is encrypted under a secure connection.
Do I need to specify my application for artwork?
Yes, there is a drop down menu on the order form to select the application which best fits your needs

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Universal Digitizing provides service you can trust. Our knowledge and artistry assures you of receiving the highest quality with the fastest service turn-around.

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I am so glad that I can trust you to do such a wonderful job in digitizing everything that I send to you. Thank you for doing such great work! Keep it up....and your prices are very reasonable, too. You are helping my business be successful! ~ Maria Soeder (Sew Em.)
I have just downloaded my first order from your company and this is the first time I have not had anything wrong with the digitizing. I am so pleased! I will look forward to having you to do all my digitizing. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY JOB EASY! ~ KAREN (Texas)
I am very pleased with the service Universal Digitizing has provided me with. The website is very easy to use and turn around time is fantastic. The work produced is top quality. They sure have made life easier for me! ~ Teri, TLC Embroidery
Love the quick turn around and great work. I have never had a problem sewing the designs, Thank You! ~ Deborah, Embroidery Plus
Another great job people. I am so impressed with your work. You make me look good. Thanks alot! ~ Thread & Needle Creation's
Thank You so much for such fast service, your work is very good. I ran the jacket back and the hat design you digitized for me. It sewed out great! And, I got the best service from your people. I have embroidered for 7 years and no one has been as fast and good as you. Thanks so much!!! ~ Darlene, Moose Lake, Minnesota
Thank you!! I stitched it out and it stitches perfectly! WOW! I'm very happy!! ~ Virginia, Holly, Michigan
I absolutely love the work you did. It is nice, clear and so readable. Had it digitized by someone else and was terribly disappointed in it to the point where I would not use it. This is SHARP! I am very pleased with the work and should have contacted you first. ~ Carol, Carol's Cozy Corner
I was extremely pleased with the artwork that you did for me. I sewed out the design and have emailed a copy to my customer. I want to thank you again for the very quick service. ~ Bertha, Best Custom Embroidery
The design looked great and sewed out good! Thanks! ~ Tony, Classic Designs

We are upgrading the ordering system this evening starting at 7:30pm CST, June 26, 2012. During this overnight upgrade you can still contact us. Our new order processing engine has faster page loads, and more features than ever before and ordering artwork and digitizing has never been simpler. We apologize for any inconvenience.